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Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

When you purchase a car, whether old or new, there are certain sets of guidelines that include detailed maintenance schedules. These regular car maintenance services are important not only to improve the efficiency of your car, but also to improve its life span. You should not ignore these routine checks for the sake of your car’s engine life and also your own safety. Car manufacturers, for instance Skoda, will offer certain Skoda services on the purchase of Skoda new cars. If you don’t have enough money to visit your mechanic at the moment, here are a few services that you could do by yourself at home.

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Oil and Oil Filters.

You should be cautious not to change these filters when hot since you might get burnt. It will cost you an average of $20. You can get the best Skoda deals on genuine accessories and spare parts when you buy new Brisbane City Skoda cars. The step by step guide will include…

  • After making sure that the engine is not hot, get under it and locate the car’s oil pan and unscrew the drain plug to drain all the old oil. After all the oil is drained, replace the drain plug
  • Using the filter wrench, remove the old oil filter and be careful as there could be old oil. You then lubricate the rubber gasket on the new filter with the new oil, followed by screwing the new filter.
  • Finally fill your engine with the new oil and using the dipstick, make sure the oil amount is enough. On closing the oil cap, you are ready to go.

Air Filter.

This is one of the simplest services you can handle by yourself. It will normally take about 10 minutes and only $15. Here is a simple guide on how to do it:

  • Locate your air filter, which is normally in a black rectangular box. Open the box and carefully study how the old filter fits in. This will give you a clear picture on how to fit in the new filter.
  • Carefully remove the old filter and put in the new one exactly how the other one was. Also make sure that you close the metal clips when you are done.

Spark Plugs.

In contrast to common belief, changing spark plugs involves a simple process which will take about 30 minutes. One is normally encouraged to change them after 30,000 miles that is depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. This process involves:

  • Using the thick rubber wires in your engine, locate the spark plugs. They are normally four, six or eight depending on your car’s cylinders.
  • Carefully remove the wires off the first spark plug. Only remove one wire at a time.
  • Using the spark plug socket and extension, remove the old spark plug and screw in the new spark plug. Tighten it with wrench, making sure not to over-tighten, then re-attach the spark plug wire.
  • Repeat this process with each spark plug, one at a time.

There are many more services you can easily do at home be it for old or Skoda new cars and other models. Do not let the cost of maintenance services hinder you from purchasing the new Skoda yeti model.

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