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An informational guide on house plans in Brisbane

The Brisbane City Plan is a planning guide created in 2014 for the future development of the city. It puts into consideration what the community has to say about developing new houses in Brisbane’s residential zone. It also aims to support population growth, while maintaining a quality way of living. Before putting up your desired home designs Brisbane has to offer, you should consult the Brisbane City Council first. Click here house plans brisbane

Whether you plan to build a new house or extend an existing one, builders in Queensland require consulting the council before you start anything. The council will then respond in four ways, which include the following:

Accepted – The proposed development is accepted with no need for assessment against the Brisbane City Plan.

Accepted development, subject to requirements – The proposed development requires a development assessment application that engages a qualified professional.

Code assessable – Assess whether the proposed development is against the relevant codes of the Brisbane City Plan, without the need for public notification.

Impact assessable – Same as the prior, but with public notification such as site signage, notice in the paper, and letters to neighbours.

FAQs on house plans Brisbane has 

The answers to the following FAQs should be met during the course of implementing a house plan in Brisbane. You will see how project builders Gold Coast homeowners trust help complete every project the better way.

Is there approval needed to build or to extend my house?

The council will assist you throughout the process. Approvals will be up to them. They can also recommend a town planner and other professionals for help.

Who will complete the assessment of the plan application?

The homeowner will complete the assessment of the house plan application by meeting the provided criteria. Once the criteria are met, there is no need to lodge an application with the council.

Is approval needed when a deck is added to my property?

Modern house plans Brisbane homes have today are at their best with a deck, reflecting the sub-tropical lifestyle in the city. Being a part of the building, it does not require a separate application. It is considered as only an extension of the existing construction.  Check McCarthy Homes for more details.

What are the zones that could affect my property?

The Brisbane City Plan’s online interactive mapping allows each one to view the zones, overlays, and neighborhood plans that may affect the property. It is colour and number coded to see relevant zones in an area.

When overlays affect your proposed house development, it is time for considerations. You must apply for the council’s approval upon building your property. For example, if there is a heritage site within your area, you would need to consult the council.

What is the height limit you can build to?

The council ensures houses to fit in with the surrounding area. Houses in flooded areas require a maximum height of 9.5 metres or should be a two-story building. Higher than that, though, requires council approval. In residential zones, building up to 11.5 metres or three stories are allowed.

To whom was the Brisbane City Plan 2014 made for?

The Brisbane City Plan is made for households with legal relationships by blood, marriage, or adoption. There must be up to five children and two adults caring for them in a home. If not related, it must be not more than five people in addition. One person must be able to maintain a household to be counted in the plan.

Final words

To summarise, all house plans Brisbane builders make generally fall under the Brisbane City Plan. The city council has a voice to the way you are building your home for your benefit. It is better to comply with what they ask for before you start building your home. For more information, visit

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Pet-friendly holiday apartment for your Caloundra vacation

You can’t just leave your pet at home while you enjoy your Caloundra vacation. Thus, you should check out the Entrance Currimundi rental and other holiday apartments if they allow furbabies to come and stay.

the entrance currimundi

This could give you big benefits like removing your worries of leaving a pet at home, keeping them safe through the vacation, and for them to be included in the enjoyment as well. That’s certainly a great way to bring your fun up a notch since you can have your beloved pet along.

Just know about the perks that pet-friendly accommodations offer to your pet and your family and know how to find one in Caloundra.

What to remember in finding pet-friendly holiday apartment in Caloundra

When you’re eyeing holiday apartments like Village Green Caloundra rentals, remember to find a pet-friendly accommodation so you can bring your furbaby along. That could give you these benefits:

  • You don’t have to worry about leaving your pet at home. Quite a simple statement, but this also means you won’t leave them alone or bother anyone to watch over them.
  • The best pet-friendly accommodations like the Entrance Currimundi holiday apartments, for instance, has sufficient specifications to cater to the basic needs of pets, especially in terms of safety and security. This is quite critical since this could keep their safety throughout your stay, like having sufficient fences so pets wouldn’t jump over.
  • If you don’t have to worry much about your pet, you can surely enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You can even have a great time on various Caloundra attraction while keeping your furbaby nearby.
  • This could also be a good way for you and your family to bond with your pets, which could help your relationship as a pet parent for them.

How to find a wonderful and pet-friendly holiday apartment in Caloundra

Here are things you can take note through your search for a pet-friendly holiday apartment.

  • Begin by finding the best holiday accommodation in Caloundra. For example, there are few Pelican Waters real estate available. Just find one that allows pets to stay.
  • For you to confirm if the accommodation allows pets or not, find a reliable real estate site that offers online booking, like Henzells, and look for the best holiday apartments in the suburb. After which, read the online listing, and contact the owner if they indeed allow pets to come. You wouldn’t want to bring your pet along, only to be barred from entering your booked accommodation because of them.
  • Know about the deals and packages that they offer, so you can get the best possible payment scheme. For example, you wouldn’t want to be caught off-guard because of extra fees for bringing pets in a Kings Edge Caloundra rentals.

You see? You just need to find the right holiday apartment, like the Entrance Currimundi accommodation, so your furbabies could go with you on a vacation.

However, keeping your pets in good health could help them fight sickness throughout your getaway, especially if you’ll be staying in a place that is unfamiliar to him.

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5 tips on surviving college dorm life

College is both an exciting and challenging period for every student. This is especially true for those who have to study away from home and live in a dorm or apartment. The newfound freedom of being independent and living on your own can have different effects on different students. Some get to enjoy their dorm life, while others have a hard time adjusting. Fortunately, dorm life shouldn’t be so difficult. From looking for Griffith student apartment rentals to cohabiting with a roommate, we’ve got you covered.

griffith student apartment rentals

Here are some of tried and tested tips on how to survive college dorm life:

1. Create a roommate agreement

Yes, this is a reference from The Big Bang Theory. And, while Sheldon Cooper’s methods are too extreme, a roommate agreement is necessary, so both of you can live peacefully. Discuss how you and your roommate can respect each other’s space and privacy despite living together. You can talk about your bedtimes, study times, daily routines, and cleaning schedule.

You should also talk about how you would arrange inviting other people over or playing music. Such activities might disturb the other person. It’s important to be considerate and respect each other. Good thing there are several Griffith student apartment rentals that accommodate only two people per room, so you can still have a little privacy.

2. Befriend your RAs

You won’t survive dorm life without a little help from someone who has experience. Residential advisors (RAs) are students or fellow residents who are in charge of overseeing the dorm. Try to befriend your RAs so that you’ll have someone to call in case you need help. And, if you get on your RAs’ good side, they might give you secret dorm hacks that nobody else knows! Look for Griffith student apartment rentals with professional and friendly RAs and staff.

3. Invest in the right shower essentials

Unlike one-bedroom student apartments, dorms usually have shared shower rooms. Thus, there’s a big chance that you won’t be able to take a nice, warm bubble bath. Although this might sound horrible, you’ll get through it with the right shower essentials. Get a robe instead of wrapping a towel around your body. Buy a shower caddy that fits all of your bath essentials so you can just pick it up and go. And, always wear flip-flops or shower shoes–never, ever go to the shower barefoot!

4. Keep snacks available at all times

As a college student, you’ll be doing a lot of studying day and night. You’ll also feel hungry all the time since studying requires brainpower. To make sure that your stomach is full through the wee hours of the night, keep snacks on hand in your room. Cafeterias won’t stay open all day, and sometimes, you won’t feel like running to the nearest convenience store. It’s best to store light snacks and drinks in your student studio apartment at all times.

5. Get ready to meet different types of people

College is a mishmash of different people with different personalities. You don’t know who your roommate will be or your dormmates. You’ll be interacting with students from all over the world. The most important thing is to have fun and focus on your studies.

Excited to experience central uni living? Have the best student living experience with Student One accommodation. Visit their website for more information.

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