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Motorcycle 101: Ups and Downs of Owning a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are small motorized vehicles which may come in two- or three-wheel types. Because of their compact built, many riders are encouraged to purchase their own motorcycle (check the ever-reliable Rumble On!) so it’s easier to course through the roads, especially during hours when there’s heavy traffic. They can just breeze through traffic jams but hopefully not cause any accidents. Just how advantageous or disadvantageous is it to own and ride a motorcycle?

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The Ups

The main advantage of owning and driving a motorcycle versus cars is money and time efficiency. More money is saved because motorcycles don’t need as much fuel as a typical car does. Maintenance and repair also cost less with motorcycles than that of cars. Motorcycles are small vehicles so they don’t need that much garage space. They are easier and quicker to wash or clean compared to any car. As previously stated, a motorcycle can help save some travel time because it’s easy to course through most roads and highways when you’re driving a small vehicle. As long as drivers don’t drive like maniacs on the streets, they’re always good to go.

One advantage of owning a motorcycle that a lot of people don’t realize is good resale opportunity. As long as you go to quality-certified shops like Rumble On, there’s a high chance for you to get good offers because these vehicles don’t use up mileage as fast as cars do. Also, there are a lot of resale companies out there that accept motorcycle resale offers and are able to serve as the bridge between suppliers and buyers, so transaction is efficient. Aside from having physical shops, these companies also transact business online which makes for faster communication.

The Downs

One of the disadvantages of owning a motorcycle is transportation inconvenience especially during extreme weather conditions. Imagine trying to navigate your way to the city during an extremely hot or cold day. You would probably miss the convenience offered by the cover and enclosed space offered by a car. The luxury of bringing different travel or personal items with you may either be limited or none at all since you may only have a small compartment at the back seat for small stuff.

Of course, there would always be safety issues when riding a motorcycle. Since motorcycles are quite small and they usually drift quicker than an average car, it’s easy for big vehicles to miss them on the road. It wouldn’t be any surprise if you encounter an accident. That’s why it’s imperative for all motorcycle drivers and their passengers to always wear a durable and hard helmet. Aside from that, it’s highly advisable for motorcycle drivers to practice defensive driving so as to avoid meeting road accidents.

What about motorcycle resale?

Would you like to sell your motorcycle or know anyone who’d like to buy one? There’s Rumble On and many other companies that offer to take your motorcycle and sell it to potential buyers. They either operate in a physical store or location, or transact business online. Try to visit at and see how Rumbleon’s process works.3

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