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Troubles With Your Kia? Consider Taking Your Car to a Dealership

Issues with your car can be a real nightmare. Aftermarket parts and labour, even for minor issues, can wipe out an entire paycheck. Why not try to save a little money, while also ensuring that your car is getting the best service possible? If you have a Kia, there are several reasons that you should consider bringing your vehicle to a kia dealer service department if you want the best service possible.

They know Kias

If you bring your Kia to any local shop, your car might get fixed by an experienced mechanic, who will work miracles on your vehicle. But, the chances are just as good that you’ll end up with a mechanic who’s never worked on a Kia in their life. You wouldn’t take your child to a veterinarian, or your dog to a pediatrician, so why would you take your Kia to a mechanic who only knows Toyotas?

In a Kia service department, your car will be looked at by a mechanic who works with Kias all day, every day. They have the experience, tools, and parts necessary to fix any problem quickly and effectively.

Better customer service

Bringing your car to a Kia dealer will not only get you a better vehicle service, but it will get you the best that a Kia customer service has to offer. Working with a Kia dealer, you will have a direct line to the Kia corporation. You will have up to date information on warranties, promotions, and special items that other mechanics simply won’t be informed about.

A Kia dealer service department is typically backed by a large corporation, so they will have more resources available to provide you with excellent customer service, every time. These dealers also represent Kia as a brand, so you can be sure that they will do their best to provide a pleasant and helpful experience, every time.

Cheaper and easier service

Any auto shop is going to be equipped to deal with things, like oil changes, tyre rotations, and brake jobs. But, what happens when something is seriously wrong with your Kia? Chances are, a regular shop won’t be able to figure it out quickly, if at all.

If you bring your car to a Kia dealer, it’s likely that they will have seen the problem before and will know exactly what to do. This will save hours of labour, which means less money out of your pocket. They will also have the right tools and parts for the job right away, so no waiting around being stuck without a car. Shorter labour hours  and no ordering of tools or parts mean your Kia Sorento, Kia Rio, or Kia Picanto service cost will be significantly less.

Next time you start to hear a rumble or feel a shake driving down the road in your Kia, there are many reasons to take it to a Kia dealer service department before anywhere else. If you’re in the Brisbane area, try checking out if you want an experienced, knowledgeable mechanic working on your vehicle and prefer having a smaller bill at the end. You’re likely to have a better experience! For more information,

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