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Yamaha Yz250 – keeping up with the changing times

The Yamaha yz250 is a 2-stroke motocross motorcycle which has been a part of the racing world since its conception in 1974. It is the only surviving 2-stroke bike which is still being manufactured and used by motocross and off-road communities.This bike is known for its regular upgrades and is constantly rehabbed by bike lovers and mechanics using the new Yamaha yz250 parts that are sold by the company.

The special features of the Yamaha yz250 bike


This bike is used for bike races and so it is built keeping that purpose in mind. It has a 249cc liquid cooled 2-stroke engine. The 2-stroke power cycle gives the bike a lot of power in a matter of few seconds as the intake of fuel and the exhaust process takes place almost simultaneously. Also, the 249cc cylinder capacity allows faster fuel usage and gives the bike extra power. The bike has been regularly updated with the latest technology and the new Yamaha yz250 parts to improve its speed and performance. It has a 5-speed gear and multiplate wet clutch to change gears easily and have more control on the bike. Its single backbone lightweight frame made of aluminium and its chassis make it rider-friendly. The new 270mm front brake and pad material give it an unbelievable stopping power. The presence of the modern KYBSSS fork and the 125-two stroke flickability allows the bike to turn in mid-air or midway in seconds. However, it is not a smooth bike as it pulsates with power. The whole control is in the hands of the driver who needs to have the ability to control the throttle, clutch, and brakes skilfully. A careful lower body grip has to be maintained to keep control on the bike. Click here MX Service Parts

Advantages of using this bike


Though this bike is not easy to handle for those who are used to the four-stroke models, it makes the person a better rider as it tests the capacity of the person to control the bike manually instead of depending on the bike to do the work. The bike is responsible for many innovations in the form of the reed valve, power valves and single-shock suspension. The reason why this bike is still in demand is that it has less moving parts which means there is less chance of the parts getting damaged. Less time is spent on checking and replacing the Yamaha yz250 parts.


Rehabbing the Yamaha yz250 bike

You can give any bike a rehab and completely change its look and capability by replacing any or all its parts. You can find Yamaha yz250 parts online through websites like All the service parts are available on such websites including exhaust and muffler systems, rebuild kits for parts like crankshaft, top end, gasket, bike bolts, steering stem bearing, cylinder, brakes, carburetor, new wheels, handlebars, seat covers, water pumps, gear shift levers, throttle, sprocket chain. You can buy Yamaha yz250 parts to rehab your bike.


This bike has participated in and won many championships. It is still very popular among the motocross racers as well as the non-racing community. Even though it is the last 2-stroke bike model available, it is still in demand because it can beat any 4-stroke bike in a race. You can buy Yamaha yz250 parts Australia companies sell to give a makeover to your bike. It is evident from the constant demand for such spare parts that the Yamaha yz250 motorcycle is here to stay.

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